Saturn transit to scorpio

                                                                          Good news is that most of us will feel relief at the beginning of this transit as Rahu and Saturn conjunction will not be there in Scorpio which was giving trouble in relationship,market place and Political affairs. Another fact behind this relief is Jupiter’s transit to exaltation sign cancer from where it will be aspecting Scorpio till July 2015.

You need to remember one thing its the sign Scorpio where Saturn is transiting which the 8th sign representing 8th house which is the house of trauma,death like experience, inheritance, sexual organs, disturbance, trouble, confusion, chaos, what ever is hidden, secretive and sexual and occult in life. it is important to note that we will have a great opportunity in this transit to improve our ignorance into positivity as 8th house also means healing.

Here you need to understand one thing Saturn is a great task master. if u feel to abandon stuffs for long and unresolved issues… Saturn will bring it infront of u over and over again until not getting resolved with ur abandon of patience to do so.
Saturn and Mars are two complete opposite kinda planets…

Mars is hot Saturn is cold
Mars is youthful and Saturn is old
Mars is aggressive, Saturn is full of negative tendencies.
Saturn is slow and Mars is fast, action oriented , passionate.
Saturn feels Mars not taking enough time to think before taking action.
And Mars thinks Saturn is blocking the enthusiasm and ability to act quickly

So all these say they dont have anything common for being friendly hence they are enemy to each other.The impatient Mars will push things forward for instant action this can draw out a vicious side of people that will be most unexpected and hurtful.

Ascendants that may get benefited from Saturn’s transit to Scorpio –Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn
Ascendants that can experience the neutral to potentially bad influence of Saturn’s transit to Scorpio –Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius.
Ascendant and moon signs that may feel this transit is more challenging and on the downright ugly side –Aries and Scorpio

Avoid !!!
Fake income tax filing
Pushing your point of view beyond someone’s comfort zone
Aggressive sexual behaviour
Handling explosives mechanical equipments without much care.
Lack of patience in handling inheritance, insurance, load issues
Debts and bank loans… unless you are not 100% sure of returning it on time don’t go for loan
Revengeful activities…. it can slap you back
Divorce or litigation matters will not be that favourable.

The last part of the Saturn transit will be really poisonous ending of scorpio. (last 45′ of scorp) there can be very tricky time at the end of the transit as Saturn goes over the ‘gandanta knot’ at the end of scorpio.(29Degree 15mins) also during the beginning of saggi (0 to 45′ of saggi)
Gandanta occurs at the tail end of watery sign and very beginning of fiery sign…… so thats a transition period.
this is gona be a little troubled time so extra care should be taken care of.

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