Saturn – Venus Conjunction In Astrology

                                                                               This is the conjunction of natural 2nd,7th lord Venus with 10th,11th lord Saturn which is all related to Karma and relationshiprise accordingly.So who ever is having this conjunction in chart has lots to to depend on this Saturn & Venus conjunction to determine the success rate in life. Though Venus and Saturn both are friendly to each other,still this conjunction plays a tricky part in our life.

Venus with Saturn: Saturn is slow and sluggish,anything associated with Saturn goes slow. Venus indicates marriage and in association with Saturn the marriage is delayed.

If Venus & Saturn conjunction takes place in Ascendant then the person can be slow and lazy.

This combination reduces the sexual impulse of Venus who is influenced by Saturn.
Comforts,the materialistic enjoyment, riches or wealth or comforts from spouse, rich food and so on are attributed to the significations of Venus which are all will be enjoyed during the pater phase of life cause of the Saturn’s tendency of delaying.Specially after the age of 50, which is the age assigned to Saturn.
Saturn and Venus combination indicates secret pleasure in life(Saturn=secrecy; Venus=Pleasure).Person will be fond of having pleasure from Low caste/out caste or old partner as Saturn denotes Old age.
Saturn doesn’t create much problem with Venus, but the only thing it takes away from Venus is freedom. When.When Saturn and Venus are in conjunction the person may have every Luxurious Stuffs in ife but not the freedom to enjoy them.A lovable partner but circumstance will not allow to share about it publicly.
Venus Denotes Happiness,Luxury,Comfort and Saturn denotes hard work.So that happiness will have to come after sheer hard work in life.
If Venus and Saturn conjunction taking place in 4th house which denotes our home,then person will be having tendency of collecting antics, old decorative items, Old car,old furnitures after all Saturn will give that liking for Old thing.
Venus and Saturn in 5th house can make a person Miser and late conception.
Venus & Saturn conjunction in 6th house is a really dualistic one.Saturn tries to provide money to clear debts in 6th house and Venus being in sixth house makes it difficult to earn money.Earning is proportionately very much less than the efforts.Loses money in the company of females, gamblers, dancers. Misery haunts throughout the life.
Venus & Saturn in 8th house will bestow long life to spouse as Venus represents spouse and Saturn represent long life.

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