Single Woman Astrology – Negation Of Marriage


Feb, 2016

                                                                          On this Valentine’s Day many will try to find the compatible one for themselves, few will go for longer time few for a while and few for life long. Among them few are those who are changing partner every year in search of true soul mate. Lets talk on those who ever single till now and those are wana be single forever.

For marriage we have to assess the Desire Trine (Kaam Trikon) 3-7-10 and the positioning of their lord.
Venus the chief significator of Marriage, Harmony, Love, Relationship needs to be assessed carefully. Venus should not be afflicted or in paap kartari.
7th house lord’s positioning in Rashi chart and Navamsha
7th house should not have malefic planet or hammed between two malefic planets.
One more house which usually many people ignore that is 8th house which says all about happiness from marriage. Affliction to 8th house will surly give lack of harmony in partnership or that happiness of conjugal life will be missing.
8th house affliction in D1 & D9 both in horoscope can give delay or negation of marriage.
When above all the criteria matches in one chart then negation marriage can happen, else it will be like delay in marriage or violence in marriage.

Chart of a very Famous Woman who won International Prizes, But NEVER GOT MARRIED
1.when 7th house has malefic, and 7th lord in 9th, that itself is sanyas yoga for Gals. Such combination can be found in many Horoscope of married woman in india,but It must be remembered that most of these women led spiritual lives & towards the end got Immersed In splrltual pursuits.
2.Venus is in paap kartari – both the sides hammed by malefic planets.
3. From Moon chart too same rule you must apply.
4. from Venus, 7th lord debilitated and 8th lord receives the aspects of two malefics Mars and Sun.
5.In D9 the picture becomes clearer as the 7th lord Merc In the 12th house is aspected by Saturn while the 8th house has mars.
6. from Venus and Moon, Mars & Saturn aspect the 7th house while the 8th house has Sun.
7.In Trlmshamsha, D30 7th house has Rahu and the 8th house has double malefic influence of Mars placed there and aspected by Saturn.

If your 7th house is dual sign, its lord is afflicted, and Pluto in that 7th dual sign then better to be single forever.

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