Sun in Vedic Astrology


Sep, 2015

                                                                          Sun the illuminator, the lord of 5th sign and natural 5th house Leo. Sun is a cruel, sharp and intense planet in Astrology and the natural significator of father, father fugure, higher authority,status, political figure,Government, Personality, self confidence. Sun is masculine, hot, dry, fiery, positive, barren and vital in action.

Sun gets Exalted in Aries 10 Degree

Sun gets Debilitated in Libra

Sun gets detriment in Aquarius

Sun Mooltrikon sign is Leo

Conjunction of any planet with Sun causes combustion upto some certain degrees, depending on planet to
planet,such aspect of Sun destroys the significance, influence and qualities of any planet.Sun is having only
one aspect thats 7th form its own position.Sun does well enough in fiery signs and relatively low in airy
signs.Sun gets Directional strength in 10th house and if well aspected then can give honor, high position in
society, charming personality,higher post in work place, political career etc.Sun is the chief of the planets,
the ever radiant, ever shining one, so position of Sun in a chart matters a most.Being luminaries Sun & Moon
never go retrograde.
Signification of Sun : Royalty, Beauracracy, cantre of stage, independence, leader, dignity, being proudy,
power, brilliance, soul, Government, King, Shining,arrogance, Individuality,Ruler.

Jupiter, Mars & Moon are friends to Sun, Mercury is Neutral lastly Saturn, Venus & Rahu are the enemy for Sun.An afflicted or weak Sun will give lack of confidence, self doubt,weeak eye sight, depandency, empty show and lots of unnecessary extravagance,fever, sun stroke, lack of self esteem, false ego.Such person needs on and on assurance and support in life and it takes hell lot of hard work to reach top positioin in career.In short there will be lack of evolveness in life.Heavily damaged Sun can give blindness, sun stroke, poor functioning of heart,unstable career, Living life like a parasite.

Sun works on Spinal chord, heart, brain.

Profession/Trading related to Sun – Goldsmith, Gambling, minister, political pursuit,work in municipality, dealing in revenue stamp, business in raw cotton, Govt officials.

Sun rules over three Nakshatra Krittika, U. Phalguni, U. Ashada, in that U. Phalguni works as highly constructive, helpful positive one.Sun Mahadasha comes for 6 years depending on the lordship in chart and its Nakshatra lord Sun mahadasha bestows its result. Mostly it gives lots of self esteem and shape up personality to people except for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Ascendant people.Golden yellow is the color of Sun.In metal Copper and Ruby is the gem allotted to Sun.

Its best time to born is during sun rise, if born in sunset time then Sun goes to its natural house of
debilitation 7th.

Friend to : Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Neutral to : Mercury

Enemy to : Saturn, Venus & Rahu

One Sign Transit : 30 Days

12 Sign Transit : 12 Months.

Nakshatra :Krittika, U. Phalguni, U. Ashada

Dasha Tanure : 6 years

Body Parts : Heart, Spinal cord

Color : Orange/golden

Metal : Copper

Gem : Ruby

Direction : East

Deity : Shiva