Oct, 2015

Jupiter In Astrology

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           Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius & Pisces sign also the ruler of natural 9th and 12th house in a horoscope.Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet in Astrology and key significator of knowledge, wisdom,opulence, optimism,fortune, expansion.It is warm, temperate,patience, religious, masculine,generosity, fruitful in nature.Jupiter the real name is ‘Brihaspati’ comes from the word Brihat; which means very big. Jupiter gets Exalted in Cancer 5 Degree Jupiter gets Debilitated in Capricorn Jupiter gets detriment in Gemini Jupiter Mooltrikon sign is Sagittarius Jupiter has three aspects from […]



Sep, 2015

Jupiter – Sun Conjunction in Vedic Astrology

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                                                                          When ever there is conjunction of 2 planets, result will depend on their lordships, their natural signification in astrology and last but not the least the strength of both planets in sign. >>>Sun : Brightest one in the sky, Hot, dynamic, classy, elegant, Soul, ego, personality, confidence,high status, father figure, leader, brilliant ,center stage, masculine, cruel. >>>Jupiter : Knowledge, wisdom,devotion, philosophy,generosity, patience, Benevolent,expander,justice, extravagant, priest, teacher, Jovial nature,obesity and so on. When Jupiter and Sun both natural benefic planets are in conjunction in any chart,person becomes very optimist, and […]



Dec, 2015

Jupiter – Rahu Conjunction – Guru Chandal Yoga

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                                                                          Jupiter in conjunction with Rahu in a horoscope makes a Yoga called Guru Chandal Yoga. Its not a common Yoga or combination in any horoscope. Jupiter stays in any sign for almost 13months and Rahu takes 1 & ½ year to change one sign. So Guru Chandal Yoga can only get formed in 7/8 years . Result of this Yoga is variable on the basis of its placement and lordship. Generally this is not a favourable combination in any horoscope as by nature Guru & Rahu are inimical to […]



Feb, 2016

Jupiter Stone Yellow Sapphire – Pokhraj

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One should only wear Yellow Sapphire if Jupiter is benefic and weak in horoscope. Never for Jupiter as functional malefic. Yellow Sapphire is very much different from yellow Topaz, one has Hardness of 9 while later one has hardness of 8 points. Never wear Yellow Sapphire with Rahu Gem stone – Gomed / Hessonite. One should not wear Yellow Sapphire with Emerald too. Yellow sapphire should always be worn with Gold Index finger is for wearing Yellow Sapphire. Considering Jupiter the most beneficial planet going for bigger size Yellow Sapphire […]



Jun, 2016

Jupiter Transit To Virgo For Aries

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                                                                          Jupiter will be moving to earthy sign Virgo on 11th of August for next 13th Months, which is His friendly sign where Jupiter will be neither in too good  position or too bad, kind of neutral condition in Mercury’s natural 6th sign Virgo. For Aries Ascendant it’s the lord of 12th and 9th lord transiting to 6th house of Virgo. For Aries Ascendant people this will be the time of delivering good time in terms of employment or service as 6th is the house of job where Jupiter will […]