Feb, 2016

Saraswati Yoga & Horoscope Of Ravi Shankar

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                                                                          As the name suggests the connection of Godess Sarwasati with this yoga says it all about its influence and result in life. This yoga makes a person educated, knowledgeable, good in literature, fine arts, gives high endurance for knowledge. Person will be well known for his knowledge and skills, respected by many for such high level of knowledge around the world Formation of Yoga : All three natural benefic planets will have to be in Kendra or trine or second house. That is, Jupiter, Venus & Mercury should be […]



Jan, 2016

Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yog

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Whenever a planet is in debilitation, that means the planet is having hardship, struggling time to bestow it’s full result in our life.  Debilitation and Exaltation is due to the placement of any planet in various signs, but then house placement also plays a significant role in grabbing strength and delivering fruitful result of any planet.  As all the debilitation and Exaltation signs are exactly opposite signs and house placement to each other, so sign and houses are having  relativity in Astrology to understand the core affect. Before I go […]



Dec, 2015

Chandra Mangal Yoga

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Formation Of Yoga: When Moon and Mars are in conjunction or quadrant (Kendra) from each other, then Chandra Mangal Yoga or Shashi Mangal Yoga gets formed in a horoscope. Moon being the fastest moving planet, this yoga is quite common in horoscope. To assess the core result of this Chandra Mangal yoga, you need to know little technicalities about formation of yoga. After all the result of any yoga depends on the placement and rulership of in a Horoscope. Both the Yoga causing planets Moon & Mars cant be exalted […]



Oct, 2015

Horoscope Of Amitabh Bachchan

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                                                                          Big B is as big as Indian Film Industry. Hardly You will find anyone who is not in love with Amitabh Bachchan film. More than that, he gained sky high respect from every corner of society.So what made him so popular,what gave him success, wealth, popularity stardom at old age as well as Respect. Horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan doesnt give ordinary look, in fact gives such a negative approach to mind but for all the astrologers and astrology learners its a chart of contradictory, As his 4 planets are in 8th house […]