Feb, 2016

Saraswati Yoga & Horoscope Of Ravi Shankar

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                                                                          As the name suggests the connection of Godess Sarwasati with this yoga says it all about its influence and result in life. This yoga makes a person educated, knowledgeable, good in literature, fine arts, gives high endurance for knowledge. Person will be well known for his knowledge and skills, respected by many for such high level of knowledge around the world Formation of Yoga : All three natural benefic planets will have to be in Kendra or trine or second house. That is, Jupiter, Venus & Mercury should be […]



Jan, 2016

Viparit Raaj Yoga & François Hollande Horoscope

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                                                                          This is one very commonly found yet interesting Yoga in Astrology. As the name says “Vipareet” means contrary or opposite, the formation and result of this Yoga is also comes in a same manner.  Viparit Raj Yoga will make you believe that even functional malefics can make Raaj yoga in horoscope and take your life to the high rise of success. Formation Of Viparit Raaj Yoga :  If 6th, 8th or 12th lord is in its own house 6th or 8th or 12th or if there is some interchange […]



Jan, 2016

Sakata Yoga In Astrology

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Yoga Formation : When Moon & Jupiter are 6,8 or 12th position from each other in horoscope, then Sakata Yoga gets formed.  Yoga doesn’t  mean always the most auspicious one which can give kingly outcome in life. Sakata Yoga is not a very auspicious one.  As yoga causing planet Moon is the fastest moving one, so at least one-fifth of humanity might be suffering from the dreaded Sakata Yoga. But how will be the result of this yoga for different individuals, we need to assess the yoga causing planets. Strength […]



Oct, 2015

Parivartan Yoga – Mutual Exchange

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                                                                          Mutual Reception or Parivartan means exchange which can be of   Signs/Nakshatra or Aspects between two planets.  Parivartan Yoga in Vedic astrology is a good phenomenon which bestows Wealth, fame, and positivity in person’s life. Parivartan Yoga is a common factor in Astrology mostly yoga causing planet is Moon or Sun as they are the fastest moving among all the planets. Though Parivartan Yoga is a positive and beneficial yoga in Astrology still its core result depends on the lordship of yoga causing planets. Parivartan Yoga increases the power of […]


Satabhisha Nakshatra Pada 1 to 4

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Range – Zodiac position – 6 Deg 40 to 20Deg of Aquarius Dasha Ruling Planet – Rahu Direction – South Nature – Movable Body part – The Jaw and right thigh Secrecy is the one quality which immediately separates Shatabishak from other nakshatras. Shatabishak loves to get to the truth of anything in much the same way as Mula loves to get to the root of everything. It is the master of the mental, analytical and logical.This ability to relate to everyone without preconceptions, judgements and prejudice is what makes […]


Purva Bhadrapad Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4

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Range / Zodiac position – 20Deg Aquarius -3Deg 20 Pisces Dasha Ruling Planet – Guru Primary Motivation – Artha Animal – Male Lion Direction – West Qualities – Sattwa /Rajas  Caste – Brahmana Gender – Male Body part – The side of the body,the Ribs, the left thigh and the soles of the feet Duality is the main characteristics of this Nakshatra. So you should never take Purva Bhadrapad native at their face value. They are highly secretive and you may experience later, one side of P. Bhadrapad native you never even knew. Purva Bhdrapad is a Satwik, passive and most benefic Jupiter ruling Nakshatra. These 3 factors […]


Uttar Bhadrapad Nakshatra – Pada 1 to 4

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Range in Zodiac – 3Deg20 to 16 Deg 40 Pisces Dasha Ruling Planet – Saturn Direction – North Activity – Balanced Caste – Kshatriya Gender – Male Quality – Tamasic Tatwa – Ether Body part – side of the body,the Ribs, the side of the legs , soles of the feet Core saturnine signification you will find in this nakshatra. As the entire nakshatra comes between the middle part of Pisces sign, this nakshatra gives dreaminess to native. Sleeping is also a temporary form of death, hence Uttar Bhadrapad has the link with death, dreams and dreamy condition. Its very hard to understand this nakshatra’s nature as they […]