Feb, 2016

Bandhan Yoga & Sanjay Dutt Horoscope

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                                                                          Scorpio Ascendant and Ascendant lord Mars is in 10th house of friendly sign Leo. Moon is exalted in 7th house of Taurus. No planet is debilitated in Sanjay Dutt’s horoscope giving quite a pleasant look of his life. But then we all know what Sanjay Dutt had to go through and how he suffered cause of his addiction and bad companion in life. To find out that as usual need to go through the Nakshatra level and transit which triggered negativity in his life. Why Imprisonment >>> 6th is […]



Dec, 2015

Chandra Mangal Yoga

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Formation Of Yoga: When Moon and Mars are in conjunction or quadrant (Kendra) from each other, then Chandra Mangal Yoga or Shashi Mangal Yoga gets formed in a horoscope. Moon being the fastest moving planet, this yoga is quite common in horoscope. To assess the core result of this Chandra Mangal yoga, you need to know little technicalities about formation of yoga. After all the result of any yoga depends on the placement and rulership of in a Horoscope. Both the Yoga causing planets Moon & Mars cant be exalted […]