Truth About Remedy, Gemstone

Remedies will simply play a role of PAIN KILLERS.

Unfortunately the meaning of REMEDY is perceived as a way to completely pacify the negative effects of planets so that it will not disturb you for life time.

A Horoscope is not the promising guide for 100 years of better/prosperous life but it is the blue print of one’s past karma. It shows how your life was & life will be in the future.

e.g : When your Venus is debilitated in majority of charts & if you perform Hawan, chanting for Venus, it will temporarily give you some sort of relaxation from the evils of that planet but it doesn’t mean Venus will never trouble you again in this life. One time austerity will not work out. One should carefully understand this principle.

There are ways to be a good human being but there are NO WAY to be healthy & happy for the life time.

Yes !,There are some remedies in Vedic Astrology prescribed by Sage Parashara in BPHS for some issues given in the last chapters of the book but it doesn’t mean that they will guarantee us 100% happy life. They are meant for vanishing minute sins of the past. These remedies restrict the past karma to flow to the next incarnation.

-If you perform Kuber havan , you will not become the next Bill Gates but you can prosperously lead your life with immense satisfaction with in your financial limits or the money you have. Apart from that it will also cleanse the past karma.

-If you perform the Gayatri Hawan at your home, it will not solve family problems, chronic health issues but it will give immense peace of mind or will create a peaceful environment around with which you can easily bear the above problems.

What Gem Stone Does???

The real stones will certainly possess the power to give auspicious results, but they cannot over ride/bypass the results giving/given by running Dasha Lord. It means the gemstone cannot give you what is not promised by the Dasha lord or Horoscope.

Numerology is another partial branch of Vedic Astrology which will give you a brief idea about your life but it cannot tell you – “when you will marry/how your married life will be/how many children you will have/what is the longevity/when you will meet with an accident?

Numerology cannot even predict why a particular time period is bad when it will end. You will find all these answers through Horoscope. An expert Astrologer can give you answers for the above in a convincing manner.

I personally believe in the power of the numbers. Numbers will follow you & chase you but you need not to get them in your life. The current Dasha lord will play a key role in the native’s horoscope.

Your fate will not change because you changed your name and repeated one letter 3/4 times in your name. The effect of karma is not a simple stain on your shirt where you buy a Surf/Ariel & vanish that stain. This is quite misleading stuff. That is the reason people started hating this science without knowing the purpose of the science.

It will not go off unless you completely experience it.

But our Astrologers/Numerlogist/vastu consultant/heelers/Baabaji’s & Swamiji’s are so great that they can do anything which is not even there in the fate of the native.

They can show wonders which Lord Rama or Lord Krishna were unable to do.

They will give miraculous remedies which will give a sure shot 100% happy/prosperous life.

Life is not a problem to be solved or a Question to be answered but it the Mystery to be Experienced.


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