Uranus – The Prajapati in Vedic Astrology


Dec, 2015

                                                                          Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are also called extra Saturnine planets in Astrology.  It doesn’t mean Vedic Astrology has no clue about these three outer orbit planets. In vedic Astrology they are named as Prajapati, Varun & Yam. Though they are far away from our Earth still they have effect on our life for good or bad happenings.

Uranus is also called Hershel.  Hershel is the co-ruler of the sign Aquarius and its mode of working is mainly related to natural 11th house in horoscope. The higher vibration of Uranus can’t be observed in most of the people in this materialistic age.  Mode of functioning of Uranus is always sudden, unexpected,  spasmodic, airy, dry, electric and barren in nature.

Uranus own Sign is Aquarius
Uranus gets Exalted in Scorpio.
Uranus gets Debilitated in Taurus
Uranus gets detriment in Leo

Aspect of Uranus is never positive, specially conjunction, opposition etc. But formation of Trine with Ascendant or benefic planets can expand the intuitive power, research capacity, ability to dig out the truth, spiritual foresight. Affliction by Uranus can cause sudden fall, or changes in life, person will behave abrupt, wandering here and there without much aim in life.

Hershel represents twist & turns of our fate, disruption. So those who love to be in routine, settled, disciplined life, Uranus is threatening for them. Its basic nature is to change the life upside down without prior notice.
Uranus, the planet of Revolution and Freedom always influences through other planets. So those who are engaged in the field of research, bringing changes in society, breaking taboo, excitement, adventure – Uranus is very much beneficial for them. Very few people can respond to the higher vibration of this planet.

Uranus is retrograde  for six months of every year. Uranus does well in airy signs which may bring the research oriented attitude with exceptional intelligent mind who will be keen to learn more. In watery sign Uranus does weird mostly person will be sex driven, pervert, stubborn etc.

Signification of Uranus :  Accidental, abrupt, peculiar, pervert, lustful, magnetic, sudden, suicidal, telepathic, tempting, tragic, hasty, immoral, Magic, Tantra, Mantra Omens, occult sciences, influencing others, wonderer, rebellious, exaggerating, unorthodox, scientific etc.

Profession/Trading related to Uranus – Scientist, researcher, freedom fighter, magician, tantric, social reformer, rebellion, traveller,  investigator.

When Venus has very close conjunction with Hershel, person gets temptations for sex and passion in life, which leads to perversion and immorality. At times such people don’t believe in old institution of marriage. They seek for free love here and there. Afflicted Venus in 5th or 7th house brings many relations in life, separation, break in marriage etc.

Uranus rules over : Pineal gland, Nervous system. Hence numbness, shooting pain, spasmodic disorder these are the regular things caused by Uranus. If Uranus is afflicted in 6th house then chances of getting wrong diagnosis or wrong medication are more.

One Sign Transit : 7 years.

12 Sign Transit :  84 years

Body Parts : Pineal gland, Nervous system.

Color : sky blue

Gem : Amber

Deity : Prajapati

                              One may have the question in mind why in vedic astrology we don’t consider the dasha tenure or Uranus/Prajapati? As its dasha once will start may cover up the entire life of a person which is more than 80years.

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