Venus – Jupiter Conjunction In Astrology

                                                                 In this conjunction, one is inner orbit faster moving planet Venus,another is slow moving outer orbit planet Jupiter, so this conjunction can only happen once a year, so this is not that common conjunction which we can find in every other chart.This conjunction has its both benefic & melefic sides though both the planets are natural benefic planets.

Venus with Jupiter: Jupiter is a teacher,ocean of knowledge, Spiritual Guru, giant in intelligence, wisdom, and Venus -the planet of Love,relationship,Harmony materialistic gratification, comfort
etc;when together, You will be a little conflict kinda personality as these two planets’ basic characteristics are quite similar yet different.

Person with Jupiter and Venus conjunction strives to attain recognition as a talented person of abundant knowledge.

There may be instinct to attain fame in language,journalism, literature,Astrology, Vedic studies, and teaching and preaching the acquired knowledge and thereby commands respect due to wealth of knowledge.

Venus is the master of all sciences. Jupiter is a giant of knowledge. The combination of these two indicates a great man with high caliber of education in all fields, highest pinnacle of intelligence.

Wife of a person will be devoted to the husband having all the characteristics of Jupiter. A learned, spiritual, wife or life partner is indicated. When Jupiter aspects or conjuncts with Venus while Venus traverses through 7th House or when Venus happens to be the lord of seventh house and Jupiter in transit happens to pass over Venus the prospects of marriage can be predicted.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction in 6th house can make a person prone to Diabetes.

Person with such conjunction will be from a highly respectable family of either by knowledge or wealth or both.

Venus & Jupiter conjunction in the house of progeny 5th can Bless a person with intelligent children as Jupiter rules the 3rd month of pregnancy, native will be very religious and reciting Mantras and all from 3rd month.

Jupiter signifies Brahmin, when in conjunction with Venus in house of enemy 6th, losses are due to Higher authority or respective person in society, will not be having much good rapport with such experienced or learned person for long time,loses money and respect in the society.

Venus in the 6th house, which is the natural house of debilitation for Venus will get improved due to conjunction with Jupiter;As Jupiter signifies morality,the morality that would have suffered because of Venus improves due to Jupiter’s association.

If either Venus or Jupiter is Lagna Lord or 10th lord then source of money can be from big establishments dealing or manufacturing vehicles, aromatics, food items, rich attires, establishing mega malls and posh business centers.Person will try to do everything professionally in a Big way as Jupiter is the planet of Expansion.

If Venus & Jupiter both are conjunct in a sign where none of them are weak or debilitated or not then it can give the tendency of having many romantic partner/spouse in life.

Person with such conjunction gives positive input with who ever they are closely associated with whether those people are well deserving or not.

Its very hard to assess a person with Venus & Jupiter conjunction as at one point of time they are so much into Philosophy, wisdom, spirituality next moment they crave for materialistic achievements and recognition.

Venus & Jupiter conjunction in 7th,8th or 12th house is not that favorable when it comes to loyalty to partner.

You are not generally hostile or argumentative, and are always willing to allow others to convince you of their position before expressing your own, you like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

You express yourself with a natural charm that would make you a good public speaker, and you would derive much pleasure from writing and the arts.

Rest all will be depending on the sign and house placement of this conjunction also the aspects on them. whether Rx or combust etc.