Venus – Ketu Conjunction in Astrology


Dec, 2015

                                                                          Venus being Faster moving planet gets conjuncted with Ketu once a year so many people on earth having Venus & Ketu conjunction in their chart now rest depends on the house lordship of both and according to me one more thing we need to consider whenever ever looking for conjunction with Rahu & Ketu whether its planet is getting away from Ketu or getting closer with Ketu as Rahu & Ketu are always in Retrograde motion.

Venus with Ketu: Planet of Harmony and Love, Beauty, Arts, Creativity Venus when with the planet of separation, detachment, dissatisfaction Ketu brings abandon of spirituality in life at the end.
As Venus is the planet of Sensual gratification, when sitting with Karmic planet Ketu makes a person selfless and can do better for humanity and social causes.
Separative Planet Ketu’s conjunction with natural lord of 2nd & 7th house Venus will give repetitive loss in relationship if there is not much spiritual connection between two people.
Unlike Rahu, Ketu doesnt have any ego.So when your relationship will be above your ego then such Venus & Ketu conjunction will not give much negative effect in your life.
Venus being the main significator of luxury when conjunct with Ketu gives dissatisfaction from comfort or luxury.Mostly they are unable to enjoy what ever they have in life.
Venus is the planet of harmony and knows how to negotiate, when placed with Ketu gets little imbalanced while going for long term reliable relationship also it kills negotiation skills specially
in 3rd house.
There will be lack of pleasure from own house, vehicle,luxury items like diamond,designer clothing etc as Ketu will be keeping the person away from such employment. If Venus is Yogakark in a chart(for Capricorn,Aquarius ascendant) then for a certain period one can enjoy such luxury but not for longer term.
If Venus and Ketu getting conjunct in the house of happiness 4th house then marriage get delayed, basic education may get disturbed and many obstacles can come from mother’s front.
This conjunction of Venus & ketu will give inability to communicate and express well yourself specially with the female members.
Venus being a signifier of sexual interest will get controlled by Spiritual planet Ketu. Either there will be no way to have good sexual life or person has lack of interest in that.
If either Venus or Ketu is having lord ship of Lagna or 10th house of profession,such person understands the game of authority. They will be critical to others if they are already in higher position.
Venus & Ketu together will not give much skill in a person but they still dont like to be work under any big corporation these people are much interested in going for freelancing or where they can have freedom of work, no bossy environment.
In 6th house the bad effects of Venus gets reduced because of Ketu who causes obstruction and as an evil planet in conjunction will obstruct Venus leading to periodical setbacks for happiness.
Venus & Ketu conjunction in house of marriage 7th can play a havoc in relationship.Though Venus signifies marriage,Ketu in 7th house creates lack of interest in partnership after certain time.Person will not be putting his effort to keep going with the relationship for the long term or whenever there will be any hurdles in relation effort ot rectify problems will be missing form such person.
Venus with Ketu in 10th house of Profession will not be having much ambition of attaining success in life or they want to just go on with the work.Most of the Royal or public figures are having such conjunction in 10th house.

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