Venus – Moon Conjunction In Astrology

                                                                Once again this is not a very rare conjunction as moon is the fastest moving planet who changes 1 sign in every 2& half days;hence comes in conjuntion with any planet twice a month month.

Venus with Moon: Moon & Venus are feminine planets. Therefore, the femininity doubles here.

Male have more feminine characteristics when these two planets are in Lagna. If Ascendant happens to be a male Sign or in aspect of male planet, the femininity gets modified to some extant.

Venus+Moon conjunction will make u shy, Jolly, Romantic and always longing for sensual/materialistic pleasure in life.

Moon represents Mother in Astrology, here with Venus will give healthy, wealthy, happy, and beautiful Mother.

A person with such Venus & Moon Conjunction will enjoy love and affection from mother and female members of the family.

These people are highly sensitive to criticism and rejection. They usually spend a lot of time and energy finding ways to avoid both

Venus is the lord of Love Romance Artistic approach and Moon is our mind which is the seat for all the imagination and when Venus and Moon will be together the power of artistic, Romantic approach will be stronger.

If your partner is having this Venus+Moon conjuntoin then best part will be he/she mostly avoiding fighting,arguments as this conjunction hates conflict and always longing for harmony and peace.If moon is afflicted then result will be different.

Person with this conjunction believes in strong family bond and gona be a family oriented guy.There will be a tendency of choosing a partner who will be as caring and concerned as mother.

As this is the conjunction of 2nd and 7th lord Venus with 4th lord Moon, and these are the houses we count for marriage too, hence Venus & Moon conjunction people try to get married with a person of their own choice.This chances will be maximum if they are mutually aspecting in D9 too.

If this conjunction is getting formed in Earthy signs like Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus person becomes too self indulgent.
If this conjunction is happening in 4th house then person will be having too much interest for new luxurious vehicles.
8th house conjunction can give emotional trouble with partner, specially trouble due to aggression.
If either Venus or Moon having Lordship of Lagna or 10th house then the person may earn through fine arts, performing arts and aptitude in study of 1)psychology, 2) Mother 3) agriculture and its produce, 4) Milk and Milk products Ice-cream such other rich delicious foods, 6) Water, water divining or water supply schemes, 7) vehicles, 8) Fighting for the cause of the destitute and exploited women 9) Establishing hostels and orphanages for women to provide motherly care for the unfortunate etc. These are some of the ways in which the native gets absorbed due to the combination of the Moon and Venus, even without the knowledge of the person.

Rest all will be depending on the sign and house placement of this conjunction also the aspects on them. whether Rx or in critical degrees etc.