Venus – Sun Conjunction In Astrology

                                                               First of all this is not a very rare conjunction, 80% population of this world having this conjunction as Venus is never more than 48Deg away from Sun. so being inner orbit planets Sun and Venus are mostly in conjunction hence has the chances of getting combust in most of the charts.

Venus with Sun: the native will have less hair on the head and curly hairs, may be born as a child of scholar, artist and a talented personality as signified by Venus.

One will enjoy comforts from government such as comforts of state vehicles, accommodation and luxuries at government expenditure.

Person will be charming, generous, attractive, romantic,Flirt.They won’t chase you, because they’re not interested in a challenge. The Sun boosts Venus’ self-esteem and their sense of entitlement. You come to them.

They are romantic and sometimes romantically impulsive. They tend to rely on the power of attraction to bring people to them, rather than aggressively pursuing love interests. Specially if this conjunction is in 8th house Libra.

If Venus+Sun in the sixth house causes insufficient sperm-count, kidney problems, diabetes, eye diseases, loss of happiness, more female enemy, loss. The native loses job in public sector, government jobs if badly posited.So, loss of happiness with Government is indicated.

Sun, signifying the father in the house of loss is indicative of loss of happiness from father to the native. Males may suffer humiliation from females and may be labeled with scandals with fair sex and develop enmity with female colleagues.

If either Venus or Sun is Lagna Lord or 10th lord then one earns through stage performance, theater, different forms of art, cinema, sporting activities, paints, colours, interior designing, silk, cloth etc.

If the conjunction of Venus and the Sun occurs in the lst house the person doesnt wana give much respect to scholars, does not have many children, at times very cruel and trouble others.

Rest all will be depending on the sign and house placement of this conjunction also the aspects on them. whether Rx or combust etc.