Venus In Vedic Astrology


Sep, 2015

                                                                          Venus the Ruler of Taurus & Libra sign and Natural 2nd and 7th house. It is one of the natural benefic planet in astrology and key significator of Love,Romance, Relationship, Marriage, Spouse.Its a feminine, passive, cold and nocturnal in nature.

Venus gets Exalted in Pisces
Venus gets Debilitated in Virgo
Venus gets detriment in Aries
Venus Mooltrikon sign is Libra

Venus gives rhythm and harmony in our life.Conjunction or aspect of Venus is mostly good and beneficial to us as its a natural benefic planet.For materialist aspect Venus shows feeling of pleasure, gratification of our senses,comfort, luxury,high life style,being rich, Billionaire, wealthy.
Venus takes approximately 28 days to cover up one sign in transit and almost 11months to transit 12 signs.Every 1 ½ years, when Venus moves 29 degrees ahead of the Sun it starts becoming Retrograde.A well placed Venus will make a person charming, artistic, having good eye for beauty,having cordial relation with spouse and harmony in life. As Venus is the ruler of natural 2nd house Taurus so a good Venus can make a person wealthy graceful and magnetic personality.

Signification of Venus : Artistic, cheerful, careless, lethargic, pleasure loving,soothing, relaxing, erotic, clandestine,feminine, fertile, emotional,graceful, harmonious,timid, warm,irregular, romantic and so on.

Mercury and Saturn are friend to Venus, Mars & Jupiter are Neutral lastly Sun & Moon are enemy for Venus.
An afflicted or weak Venus will be lacking in beauty, harmony, grace, lack of affection in life.Such person can run behind some new partner everyday in the name of so called love.In short there will be lack of refinement in everything in life.There will be trouble in expressing feeling.Heavily damaged Venus can give skin disease, urinary problem.Venus works as a first class Maraka in chart. If Venus is Maraka and sits in 6th house in a chart can
work as killer.Highly damaged Venus is one of the cause of having AIDS.

Venus works on generative system – genital, womb, semen, ovary.

Profession/Trading related to Venus – All profession concerned with creativity and arts are under Venus. Singer, dance, actor, painter, photographer,videographer, fashion designer, jewlery designer, making perfume, selling perfume,dealers of cosmetics, branded clothing, designer clothing,five star hotels,dealers of silk clothing,corporate lawyer, flower decorator, interior designer, match maker,cinema hall owner,marriage counselor etc.

Venus rules over three Nakshatra Bharini, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashada in that Bharini works as highly creative and entertaining one.Venus Mahadasha comes for 20years depending on the lordship in chart and its Nakshatra lord Venus mahadasha bestows its result. Mostly it gives good life style and comfort to people except for Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini Ascendant people.White is the color of Venus.In metal silver and Diamond is the gem alloted to Venus.

If your Venus is in the sign of your partner’s Mars or her Mars is in the sign of your Venus then there will be always a great deal of attraction and high passion level between two.

Friends to : Saturn & Mercury
Neutral to : Mars & Jupiter
Enemy to : Sun & Moon
One Sign Transit : 28 Days
12 Sign Transit : 11 Months.
Nakshatra : Bharini, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashada
Dasha Tanure : 20 years
Body Parts : genital, womb, semen, ovary.
Color : White
Metal : Silver
Gem : Diamond
Direction : South-East
Deity : Lakshmi