Venus – Rahu Conjunction In Astrology

                                                               This Venus & Rahu Conjunction happens once a year so those who are having this conjunction can have the result of it in an extreme manner depending on placement,aspect etc as Rahu is the planet of amplification and knows no boundary,so it will give either too good or too bad result.

Venus with Rahu: These two planets are friendly to each other.So when the planet of love,romance, finance, relationship, artistic approach,luxury,comfort, spouse,marriage, gets conjucted with the planet of amplification Rahu, then all these qualities started getting amplified in different direction depending on sign, house and aspect.

Venus and Rahu together makes a person little obsessed about comfort and money.

 Person with this conjunction of Venus & Rahu mostly have an attractive and magnetic look which attracts opposite sex in life that can lead to problem for sure.

 This conjunction in 2nd house can make a person risk taker, but Rahu will make a person enjoy wealth and finance first and later it will punish you for sudden and easy gain in life in a different way.

The natural 2nd,7th house lord when in conjunction with Rahu, mostly it gives that hunger for getting renowned in society,takes a person away from family or home.

 Rahu is a taboo breaker, so with Venus it wants to break all the barriers and social norms regarding Marriage, Love Romance relationship or even being rich, making money.

Rahu with Yogakarak Venus for Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendant if placed in trine or quadrant house
can bring abandon of money and fame though

Venus & Rahu can give highly manipulative capability via communication or those who are already in writing profession will be having skill to write up different characters interesting yet manipulative to our thoughts.

Venus Rahu conjunction in 9th or 12th house can give foreign travel.

Venus being a signifier of sexual interest will get uncontrolled in association with Rahu who causes forming of some illicit connections which eventually creates trouble in relationship.

If either Venus or Rahu is associated with Lagna or 10th house then one may earn through Entertainment, different forms of glamor world, different forms of art, deception in any business, import/export, high end posh communicative devices,air ways, is indicated.Person may get cheated or other’s mistake may come on his shoulder.

Profession connected to acting, makeup artist, beauty parlor, film production, acting, animation work is indicated.

Rahu creates illusion,and illusion creates impractical dreamy approach in life.When Rahu with Venus makes a person dreamy of being Billionaire on and off.Every glittery thing they run behind in life whether its gold or short gives lack of judgment in Love and relationship.

Rahu is restless and has no satisfaction in life, hence with the planet of Love Venus it gives craving for more and more love and relationship, mostly these people just love the feeling of falling in love.

Venus rahu conjunction in house of past deeds or progeny 5th makes it difficult to have kids, if only Jupiter has aspect on this conjunction can give some relief.Relationship will be very stressful in life and chances of breakups will be high.

 Venus & Rahu conjunction in 7th house gives dissatisfaction regarding spouse very quickly, which may give tendency of cheating in marriage,person may have the tendency of going out of wedlock relationship.Most probably spouse will be from either different caste/religion/culture. Venus & Rahu conjunction gives a great deal of diplomacy in their approach.

Rest all will be depending on the sign and house placement of this conjunction also the aspects on them. whether Rx or combust etc.