Viparit Raaj Yoga & François Hollande Horoscope


Jan, 2016

                                                                          This is one very commonly found yet interesting Yoga in Astrology. As the name says “Vipareet” means contrary or opposite, the formation and result of this Yoga is also comes in a same manner.  Viparit Raj Yoga will make you believe that even functional malefics can make Raaj yoga in horoscope and take your life to the high rise of success.

Formation Of Viparit Raaj Yoga :  If 6th, 8th or 12th lord is in its own house 6th or 8th or 12th
or if there is some interchange of houses between these house lords then Viparit Raj Yog  gets formed. Mainly there are three types of Viprit Raj Yog.

Harsha Viparit Raj Yoga – If 8th or 12th lord is in 6th house
Sarala Viparit Raj Yoga – If 6th or 12th lord is in 8th house
Vimala Viparit Raj Yoga – If 6th or 8th house is in 12th house

Even if these lords have mutual relation by conjunction, aspect or exchange of houses, still Viparit Raj Yoga gets formed.

Result Of Viparit Raj Yog :
Harsha Viparit Raaj Yoga : Winning over enemies, sinful action, strong body, enjoy happiness in life.
Sarala Viparit Raaj Yoga :  Fearless, good longevity, prosperous.
Vimal Viparit Raaj Yog : Independent, meritorious, calculative, rational, caring nature.

Harsha, Sarala, Vimal these three yogas will surly give lots of enemies, sudden Twist and Turn in life path, but at the same time will open a small window of hope and opportunity which you would not be thinking of or trying in your life if you would go through that unexpected pain and misery. Viparit Raaj Yoga is nothing but ‘Out of evil cometh Good’.  As yoga causing planets are all malefic house lords so the result of this yoga will surly come as the aftermaths of adverse situation. To sustain that suddenness and use the moment of opportunity of Viparit Raj Yoga, one should have strong Ascendant Lord, or core skill.

In my opinion Vipareet Raaj Yoga is very much effective in recent days. When 6th lord in 8th or  8th in 6th or 12th such positioning gives gray shade in characteristics or attitude, that in other terms enhances the power to give good fight to your enemies, win over your enemies or overcome  obstacles of life.

Cancellation Of Viparit Raaj Yoga :
1. If Yoga causing planet is 6th  or 8th or 12th lord then it should not  be the lord of 5th & 9th house.
2.  If Ascendant lord is having the lordship of 7th, 8th or 12th house or sitting in 6th, 8th or 12th house then Viparit Raaj Yoga will not be working much as to explore that new adventure gifted by this yoga one needs to have high vitality, strength in personality.

Above horoscope is the birth sky map of France President François Hollande. He is having Taurus Ascendant, where Venus is also 6th lord so Venus should not be involved in VRY as per rule. His 6th lord Jupiter is sitting in 2nd aspecting 6th and own house 8th house making Viparit Raaj Yoga. Also, his 12th lord Mars is in 8th house making mutual aspect with 8th lord Jupiter. So here yoga causing planets are Jupiter & Mars.

During 2011, When François Hollande was thinking of contesting Presidential Election everyone knew French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn was much ahead in that race and Strauss was the probable winner of coming Presidential Election in France. But fate played a twist; Dominique Strauss-Kahn got arrested cause of his sex scandal in USA, that opened the opportunity to François Hollande to win the presidential election in 2012.

President François Hollande was going on during that election time in 2012 Jupiter Mahadasha. When He Got elected as President of France in May 2012, when he was going through Jupiter Mahadasha & Mars Antardasha .  But that opportunity Hollande got cause of Dominique ‘s arrest, was very well utilized by  Hollande’s  strong positioning of Yoga Karak Saturn in 6th also Saturn being 10th lord in 6th exalted and Dispositor Venus debilitated making Jaya Yoga. Someone’s heavy loss was a boon for François Hollande. That’s the beauty of Vipareet Raaj Yoga.