Who Will Be The Winner ? Democrat VS. Republican


Oct, 2016

                                                                          There is no valid and reliable birth data of US presidential election candidates available in market till date, hence I don’t want to be foolhardy by banging head on Clinton or Trump horoscope. Today’s UK express wrote US Presidential election 2016 is nothing but ‘unpopular contest’. World is a super complex place, full of millions of alternative realities playing all together.


Apart from analyzing birth charts, there can be two more ways of prediction.
1. Horary or Prashna Kundali
2. Trends of Planetary positioning so far.

There are two major transits we always consider in Vedic astrology, Jupiter, Saturn.
During the USA election period, Saturn the task master will be in Scorpio.
If we look back in history, whenever Saturn was in Scorpio, Republicans were ruling.
Scorpio is traditionally Republican territory.
1924 – 1928 – Calvin Coolidge
1956 – 1960 – Eisenhower
1984- 1988 – Reagan
Whenever Saturn was in Capricorn Democrats came in power – Roosevelt, Kennedy – Johnson and Clinton.


Jupiter in Scorpio & Sagittarius are completely Republican territories.
In Nov 2016 Jupiter will be in Virgo 18Degree approx., which can be troublesome for Trump. Till date Trump declared bankruptcy many times and twice it was when Jupiter was in Virgo.

So it is kinda 50-50 situation between Democrat and Republicans.

The Prashna Chart which I got was Capricorn rising, where Moon exalted in Taurus, On 19th October 2016, 13:58 IST Mumbai. In Horary 1st house is for Ruling Govt and 7th house is for opposition.

Day of the week – Wednesday and lord of the day Mercury is exalted in Virgo
Nakshatra – is Rohini which is Moon nakshatra where Moon is exalted being 7th lord.
Lagna Lord – Saturn is in inimical sign, means for ruling Govt it can be tough time
Lagna – Capricorn is a movable sign again this is adverse.
7th lord – is in fixed sign and exalted, better perspective for opposition.

So opposition party candidate Donald J. Trump has better chance to win in November. This part-time politician and full time sociopath can be next US president; – President Trump.


Even if we have a look at planetary positioning of 8th November 2016, Washington DC, 8 am, Republicans are having more chances than Democrats.

Prediction could be 100% full proof if the birth chart could be used for detailed analysis as the basic rule of horary is to first see the support of natal chart, which is missing here.

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