What kind of consultation do you provide ?

Based on Vedic Astrology, I give consultation on different aspects of life which is already mentioned in 'Book Consultation' section in this site.

What are the methods you use for prediction ?

Mainly Parashari Method is used but KP, Naadi methods are also being used in all the readings.

Do you hold any institutional Qualification in Astrology ?

Yes, i do hold Institutional Degree in Both Western and Vedic Astrology, did my (Jyotirvid) in Astrology From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

How do you send consultation ?

Every type of consultation will be conducted either on skype or Phone, except 'Past Life Reading'. As I believe, consultation should be very much interactive session between the Astrologer and native.

What's the procedure for Having consultation from you ? How to go for it ?

Once you will select the required consultation you want and will do the payment via CCAvenue, you will get an email from CCAvenue stating your successful payment. There will be one 'Make Appointment' form to fill up with your birth details, once you will send that form filled up, you will get the mail from astrosharmistha.com regarding all the information of consultation and how to go with it further within next 48hours.

What is the duration of every consultation ?

Every consultation is of one house session.

How long I will have to wait for consultation after Booking ?

After booking the consultation, maximum within 4 days consultation will be conducted as per the convenient timing of both.

How many Question I can ask in one session of consultation ?

One can ask unlimited Questions in one session about his or her chart.

Do you provide written report ?

Only for 'Life Time Report' & 'Past Life Reading' I send written report, for rest of the consultation I go for voice interaction vie skype or Phone. If some one wants can record the whole consultation for future reference.

Do u provide remedy during consultation ?

On the basis of planetary placement I do suggest for remedy, mostly simple remedies as its hard to perform hard core Remedial measures for most of the people now a days.

Where to go for personal consultation ?

After booking 'Personal Consultation' one will be getting E-mail from astrosharmistha.com mentioning the office address, Date & Time for face to face consultation, where timing can be adjusted as per the convenience of both.

Do you teach Vedic Astrology ?

I give E-Lessons via Skype in Vedic as well as Western Astrology weekly. Regarding that you may have the full details in 'E-Tutorial' section of the site.

Any model report available to have idea of detailed analysis ?